Villa Qattami

The main aspects of the design concept lay in the dichotomy between air and mass. The fluidity and play between these elements add dynamism to the house expression. The airiness and light are expressed through the use of skylights, high ceilings, and large-paneled, arched windows while the mass effect or solidity is illustrated through the use of colonnades which shield and protect these openings.

Consequently, the airiness is felt from the inside out while the exterior showcases a solid, massive expression.

The design puts old elements of Kuwaiti house design to contemporary use, incorporating these aspects into the overall design in a practical and functional way. The end result is an indulgence in the nostalgic feel of old houses while allowing those design aspects to serve a contemporary function.

The property includes a basement garage while ancillary services are on the rooftop area. The residence houses three main bedrooms, a reception area, kitchen, main & daily dining rooms, and a family living room. The property also has two courtyards: one main and one private off the bedrooms.

Location Faiha - Kuwait
Client B &N Al-Qatami
Services Performed Architectural, Engineering and Interior Design & Supervision
Cost Undisclosed
Completion 2001
Project Data Total Site Area: 1,000sqm, Built Up Area: 1,100sqm
Associated International Consultant none