Kuwait University - Computer Center conference & Lecture Hall

The aim of this project was to define the university through this building in everything from the structural framework to the materials used in construction. The primary component in the concept is the wall. This element grows organically from the two main buildings and connects them in an expression of the Old Wall ‹Soor› of Kuwait. The wall is penetrated at various points by parts of the buildings, giving a fluid effect. In this way, the wall expresses the status quo or heritage of Kuwait while the fluidity of the contained buildings in and out of the wall expresses the freedom of thought, ambition, and direction beyond the establishment which defines university attitude.

The materials used in the structure enhance and further this concept. An inner courtyard, the ‹oasis›, is dominated by a granite, hydroelectric globe. The area is covered by a topping of copper that, over time, has oxidized naturally into a green expression to become a tree-like element over the oasis of the globe. The interior of the building employs wood, stainless steel, and marble and serves as a gesture to the materials used in the construction of the old

Location Shuwaikh - Kuwait
Client Ministry of Public Works – Special Projects Administration
Services Performed Architectural, Engineering and Interior Design & Supervision
Cost KD 10 million
Completion 1994
Project Data Built Up Area: 12,000sqm; Parking for 300 cars
Associated International Consultant Jung/Brannan Associates, USA (interiors)