Marouf Private Chalet

The chalet is a modern structure laid out in a curvilinear design comprised of two back-to-back crescent shapes. The intent behind the concept is to promote a feeling of solitude and isolation to counteract the nearness of neighboring chalets. From above, the building gives a sea crab form with four legs emanating from the main body of the structure.

Every aspect of the building, from the landscape to the interior, expresses a minimalist and elegant approach to design. Elements of the property include a main living area, master bedroom and four other bedrooms, dining room, and kitchen, all facing the sea, in addition to a Diwaniah facing the entrance garden. The sea-facing side of the structure carries an infinity pool which gives the illusion of joining the sea. There is also a private pool nestled into one side of the structure.

Location Bneider - Kuwait
Client Dr. Mohammad Marouf
Services Performed Architectural, Engineering and Interior Design & Supervision
Cost Undisclosed
Completion 2004
Project Data Total Site Area: 6,750sqm; Built Up Area: 2,000sqm
Associated International Consultant Gilbert Dabbous Consultants (GDC), Kuwait (engineering); Arcade, Kuwait (interior design & supervision)